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Ewart has been manufacturing chain for over 134 years. Established in Derby, England in 1879 the Ewart name is synonymous with chain products worldwide. Ewart has established Ewart global Services Ltd specifically to provide and service a range of chain requirements in a variety of countries. We specialize in providing outstanding service through understanding and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

The Name in Chain

Ewart chain has been manufacturing chain for over 134 years in Derby, England. It started working in collaboration with Ley’s Malleable Castings for its Ewart detachable chains which were first designed for agricultural machinery use in the USA.

In the 1930’s combination chains combining steel and malleable components were produced giving greater strengths, flexibility of use and increased market opportunities.

The engineering class steel chains were then the next development of our product range. Ewart Chain is especially known for its leading engineering design and operating expertise of chains for all industries, due to the fact that our sales team work closely with our technical department and our engineers to provide excellent pre and post sales service.

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The name Ewart is synonymous with chain products worldwide.

Unmatched Quality

Enquiries continue to be received on a regular basis for Ewart Chain when the customer actually needs only a standard product replicated by many companies – such is the strength of the EWART name and BRAND

Ewart annually export to over 100 countries in all of the sub-continents. Sales are either direct to a customer or via an agent/distributor based in the country providing additional Ewart service.

Our salesmen travel extensively to each of the countries we serve to provide technical expertise and negotiate contracts.


Delivering a wide range of Steel, Forged & Plastic chains Ewart specialises in hundreds of different specifications for a huge range of industries including:

Company Charter

EWART GLOBAL SERVICES Ltd is proud to operate a high quality management system. based on continuous improvement of production and supply – allied to the avoidance of problems arising as opposed to problem detection


  1. To provide outstanding quality and service.
  2. To provide products manufactured to the highest standard of consistency.
  3. To provide products that will perform successfully in a specified environment.
  4. To provide products which are cost effective and competitive in worldwide markets they serve.
  5. To be open to new ideas and adaptive to change to suit customer needs in a demanding market.
  6. To continually improve our management system.
  7. To continue with our ‘Team’ approach within Ewart Agri Services Ltd.

We have been making chain for 134 years – Rest assured “We know how to make the best chain in the world”

We know how to make the best chain in the world

World Class Chain

Many people today now refer to standard product replica chain as ‘EWART CHAIN’ such is the strength of our name.

Ewart’s manufacturing base was established in Derby, England in 1880 and has been producing World Class Chain for over 134 years.

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